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IMPAQ™ provides contract therapy services to skilled nursing, assisted living and independent living facilities. We know that therapy is a critical component of care in skilled nursing and an important element to offer prospective residents of independent living. Many facility owners not only benefit by our efficient management of therapy, but have learned from us how to improve patient and resident care overall.

Here are a few excerpts from testimonials:
“Without hesitation, I signed a contract with IMPAQ™. Why? First, is the level of commitment I get with IMPAQ™; this company is passionate about what they do and determined to prove themselves.   In IMPAQ’s case it amounts to a cost effective approach with excellent clinical outcomes. IMPAQ™ is very attuned to the cost efficiencies, and its staff is well‐trained in reimbursement…”
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“With IMPAQ™ we see consistency. When our staff makes a suggestion, IMPAQ is really good about picking up the ball. We don’t have to ask them again. I would recommend IMPAQ™ to anyone that needs the services that it offers…”
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