Co Founded IMPAQ 2006

Co Founded IMPAQ 2006

We are grateful to have worked with many dedicated therapists and vendors over the years. They are too numerous to list here. The following are profiles of upper management.

Cesar Arada, President and Co-founder
Cesar is responsible for establishing therapy programs at newly contracted facilities. He maintains relationships with all facility owners, stimulates the transition to more comprehensive therapy services at assisted living facilities, and directs the company as it weathers the changes imposed by Medicare and the healthcare market in general. Click here to learn more about Cesar’s background.



Victoria (Angel) Arada, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder

Angel Arada oversees IMPAQ Health Services. As such, she is responsible for the success of therapy programs at some of IMPAQ’s smaller contracted facilities. She is also the go-to person for payroll and internal affairs.

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