IMPAQ™ provides occupational, physical and speech therapy services to assisted living, independent living, and skilled nursing facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

IMPAQ™ was founded by Cesar and Angel Arada in 2006 when they decided to devote their decades of experience as occupational and physical therapists to a company that serviced smaller, typically neglected skilled nursing homes. Within one year, the Aradas were able to reverse the downward spiral of a Redwood City-based nursing home of only 38 beds. Depending largely on IMPAQ’s proactive, fully-staffed therapy team, the facility became a profitable, trusted destination of acute care patients in local hospitals who needed intensive rehabilitation.

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Today, the two IMPAQ™ companies – IMPAQ™ Health Services and IMPAQ™ Rehabilitation Specialists – fulfill complex service agreements with many Bay Area nursing homes, and more recently, with several local assisted living facilities. IMPAQ’s range of services can now address the less urgent, but important therapeutic needs of higher functioning elders. Click here for Assisted and Independent Living services.

For more details on IMPAQ’s history and transition to assisted living, click here.

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